Wednesday, August 24, 2016

That Time I was a Hair Model

Last weekend, I was a hair model! This was a brand new experience for me and it turned out to be an excellent one. A couple of weeks ago, a friend asked me if I would be interested in being a hair model for a local hair show. The hair stylists were looking for models with natural grey, white, or platinum blond hair. I agreed only because the products they were showcasing were temporary and meant to enhance the natural grey. A hair cut was part of the experience too, but I could let the stylist know my limitations. 

I thought it would be a fun adventure, so I said yes. I am so glad I did. 

Last Saturday, I visited a local salon and met with the visiting hair stylist Jean Sebastien and his assistant Stephanie, both from Quebec. We talked about how much to cut from my hair length and which Schwarzkopf Professional Silver Whites they were planning on using. About 2-3 inches was cut from my hair and they applied two temporary treatment, lilac on the top and slate underneath. Once the cut and treatment were applied, Stephanie dried my hair with a round brush. That was the end of day 1! In the photo mosaic above, the first three small photos on the left side are from the first day. 

Sunday was the day of the hair show. It took place in the beautiful new Florence Simmons Performance Hall at Holland College in Charlottetown. We were to wear all black. Hair was styled, make up was done by professional make up artist Savannah. We then went onstage in front of an audience of hair stylists. 

There were around 15 hair models, with 2 other women in the Silver Whites category. There was a nude colour category with beautiful natural  hair colours, and a fun wild hair colour category with bright pinks, corals, oranges, greens, blues! Jean Sebastien also cut hair from some of the models, live onstage. This was really interesting to watch and listen to him explain his techniques! Each model's hair was shown in more detail with explanation of all the products used, along with before pictures. 

The whole experience was a ton of fun and I really loved how my hair turned out too. My silver hair has always felt pretty soft, probably because of the coconut oil I usually use, but after this treatment it also feels stronger, softer, smoother! 

Friday, August 19, 2016

I Love Lists

Welcome to my 2nd edition of "I Love Lists" ♥

1. I finished The Nest by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney this week - great story.

2. A simple cleaning routine from my bullet journal

3. Oh She Glows second cookbook will be here soon and she has a special bundle offer if you pre-order it! Check out all the details here

    4. The Canadian Prime Minister visited Charlottetown this past week..and served ice cream at Cows

    5. I have been reading a lot about mental health lately, especially anxiety. Here is one article I found very interesting: What It's Like to Live with High-Functioning Anxiety

    6. Also health related, I read about the top daily supplements for women and I especially appreciated how she wrote that getting our nutrients from food should be first

    8. Discovered Brown Paper Bag blog and fell in love with Bodil Jane art too! 

    9. This article from The NaNoWriMo Blog should be helpful to read as I continue to learn and grow as a writer

    10. I really don't need to subscribe to another cross-stitch pattern, but this is another adorable one from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery: The National Parks Birthday Club ....I am still on May with the Let's Go for an Adventure year long club.

    Sunday, August 14, 2016

    #5 Cafe in Murray Harbour, Prince Edward Island

    #5 Cafe in Murray Harbour, in the East part of Prince Edward Island, is a great little restaurant in a restored church. We stopped there for dinner last weekend, during our little road trip (see our stop at Cape Bear Lighthouse here). 

    I had heard about this place through some friends and after doing a quick little look on their website, I knew I wanted to eat there. 

    We had a fabulous experience. The inside of the church has been restored beautifully and the food was amazing. The goals of Chef Wade Little are to offer clean food at reasonable prices. 

    We all agreed that we wanted to come back. Brunch in particular sounds like a great idea. I am happy to have found a second favourite place to stop by while exploring the island. If you are curious my first favourite is this one. 

    As soon as I noticed the desserts, I knew I had to leave some room for at least one, so I ordered a mixed salad and the soup of the day which was a delicious ginger and carrot soup. Celeste had the beef chilli, Shawn had the Cajun chicken & brie. 

    The cucumber soda was amazing. I need to find this for home! It was refreshing, with four simple ingredients, and sweetened with cane sugar. 

    It was difficult to choose among all the desserts, but I settled on homemade rhubarb and strawberry ice cream, with fresh whipped cream. It was as deliciously yummy as it looks! 

    They also make some chutneys and jams to take home. My husband picked up a jar of sweet beet and red onion chutney and loves it as a spread for his sandwich or on his burgers. 

    The food was splendid, the chef and his team lovely, and all the art and little decorative details all around the cafe were great to discover. It was a great experience all around. We can't wait to go back!

    If you are visiting the East part of Prince Edward Island, I highly recommend you include #5 Cafe , 5 Church Street in Murray Harbour in your adventures! 

    Saturday, August 13, 2016

    I love lists

    I love lists. 

    I love blog posts with lists, especially random lists that don't really follow any kind of theme or pattern! I came across this blog because Celeste and I were looking at recipes for her school lunches. Yes, she is going to public school after homeschooling her entire life so far (besides a year in junior kindergarden). Anyway, we came across a delicious-looking recipe for homemade strawberry roll ups. As soon as I landed on Shutterbean I knew I loved it. I especially love her "I love lists" posts. 

    So I am going to try to share with you a weekly lists post too. I say "try" because even though I have the best intentions, life sometimes takes over! I come across all kinds of different things over the course of a week and it would be awesome to have them all in one place like a weekly blog post. 

    Here is my first totally random I Love Lists list:

    1. In case you missed the link above, these strawberry roll ups are amazing and super easy to make, no dehydrator needed 

    2. President Obama Summer Playlists, one for the daytime, one for nightime - politics aside, I really enjoyed listening to all the choices for these playlists

    3. How to Raise Awesome and Amazing Adults by Heather Hurley Weller, on Huffington Post! Great post, great woman...and great photos (yes, I am in one of them!)

    4. I forgot how relaxing colouring was. It had been months since I picked up a colouring book

    5. Yoga for me this week were these 2 videos: Freedom Glow Yoga and Yoga for Anxiety

    6. Netflix shows I am currently addicted to: Stranger Things, Happy Valley, and The Office. 

    7. I want to start dancing in the morning. I think I will start this on September 6th. That's the first day of school for Celeste. Dancing will help process, I think...Inspired by  this post.

    8. I love the pineapple in this 21 embroidery projects that won't take you a month to finish

    9. A dream of mine, since my early 20s, has always been to learn more about herbal medicine, especially for women. This course is a dream. 

    10. I love local artists. Prince Edward Island is home to many many talented creative artists. Kimberly Naumann made the most beautiful fox painting recently and named it Celeste ♥

    Have a great weekend :)